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Winding Wands

Simple but Effective: Twist Your Leftover Yarn (and more)  into Chunky Wonder!

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Meet the Juey Winding Wand: A Nifty Weaver for Your Woolly Bits!

Knitters and crocheters, it's time to rejoice and give your leftover yarns a new lease of life! Introducing the Juey Winding Wand – the cheeky chunky wand that’s not just another knitting gimmick, it's a revolution in your knitting kit. Born out of a genuine need to save those precious scraps of yarn, our Winding Wand is simplicity at its finest.


Have you ever looked at your growing stash of yarn leftovers and felt a bit blue? Not anymore! With a simple swish and flick of the Juey Winding Wand, you can twist those odds and ends into perfect balls of chunky, multi-coloured yarn. It's like creating your own yarn pot of gold at the end of a rainbow – and who wouldn't want that?


Our wand isn’t just for the wool, oh no! It’s a champion of versatility, embracing all sorts of yarns - the chunky, the funky, and even the unconventional like T-shirt yarns and plarn. The special hole in the wand is designed to handle them all, ensuring that every inch of leftover yarn is spun into something spectacular. Imagine the possibilities – vibrant rainbow effects and innovative textures, all knitted into your next masterpiece.


And the best part? It's a dream come true for those seeking sustainable crafting. The Juey Winding Wand turns what would have been waste into wonderful, winding balls of joy. This isn't just about making do; it's about re-making with flair and function.


So, wave goodbye to waste and welcome a world of colourful, chunky possibilities. Let’s wind up and cast on a new knitting and crocheting adventure with the Juey Winding Wand – where every leftover yarn finds its purpose, and projects find a new way to shine!

Comes in two convenient sizes (one especially for arm knitting). Makes a great gift too for the knitters in your life!

Arm Knitting!! We've got it covered - Just check out on our Jumblicious Page for a 'how to'!

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Up close and personal

Add a personal touch to your wooden tools with our customisation service! Choose from three elegant fonts: Dancing Script for a touch of elegance, Lato for a clear and friendly vibe, or Caveat for a lively, informal flourish. You can personalise your item with up to 25 characters, including any mix of letters, numbers, and symbols available on a standard QWERTY keyboard. Perfect for adding names, special messages, or meaningful quotes to make your tool uniquely yours or a thoughtful gift. Please ensure to enter your text exactly as you wish it to appear, embracing the charm of personalisation to its fullest.

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Get Ready to Roll: Watch our Winding Wand How To Videos....

Our Jumbo Winding Wand - Twist, turn, and transform your yarn into chunky charm  – perfect for using up your stash!

Nifty Multi-yarn Project Ideas

Here are some we prepared earlier!!

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