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Sprucing up your chosen wooden tool with a dash of personal flair just got a whole lot easier and more exciting! Our new personalisation service lets you add your own unique touch to any wooden tool product in our range. Here's how it works:


  • Personalisation Options: You have the canvas to inscribe wording of your choice, up to a snug 35 characters. This includes spaces, so every letter and symbol counts towards making your mark special.

  • Font Choices: To ensure your message not only fits but also reflects your style, we offer three delightful fonts:

    • Dancing Script: A flowing, casual script font that adds a personal, handwritten touch to your message. Perfect for adding a bit of elegance and flair.
    • Lato: With its semi-rounded details, Lato is a stable, strong, yet friendly font that's versatile for any message. It strikes a balance between serious and fun, making your wording clear and inviting.
    • Caveat: A brush font with a lively feel, Caveat brings an energetic, informal vibe to your personalisation. It's like adding a personal note with a brush pen – vibrant and full of personality.
  • How to Personalise: During the order process, simply complete the personalising section - type in your desired wording. Remember, what you write is what you get, so include capitals, punctuation, and any special characters exactly as you want them. Our personalisation field accepts everything available on a standard QWERTY keyboard, including ASCII characters, allowing for a wide range of creative expressions.


Why Personalise? Adding a personalised message or quote transforms your chosen wooden tool into a meaningful keepsake or a perfectly tailored gift. Whether it’s a thoughtful message, a name, or a special date, this personal touch elevates your item from a mere tool to a treasured memento or a heartfelt gift.


Personalising your wooden tool is a fantastic way to infuse it with personality, make it uniquely yours, or create a memorable gift that speaks volumes. So, go ahead and express yourself or spread some joy with a message that matters.



Trade customers have the fantastic option of branding all their tools with their business name. This added value brings significant recognition and professionalism to your offerings. Branded tools serve as a constant reminder of your business, enhancing customer loyalty and promoting your brand every time they’re used. It’s a smart investment in your brand’s visibility and reputation.

By choosing to personalise your wooden tools, you infuse them with character, making them uniquely yours or a memorable gift that speaks volumes. Express yourself or spread some joy with a message that matters.



Each of our personalised tools are hand-crafted bespoke to your order. Please allow at least 5 working days for the delivery time from placing your order. Thanks for your kind patience while we craft busily just for YOU!

TRADE - Branding Your Tools

  • Juey can't be held responsible for any typos or misspellings of names etc. in this personalising service. If we spot anything unusual we will try to alert you before producing. However, it really helps if you kindly double check everything before placing the order.

    If we, by chance, make a mistake then we will happily re-do free of charge with our sincere apologies. We try not to but we are only human!

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