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Knitting Patterns

Chunky knitting patterns galore for your next great projects and beyond!

New Arrivals

Welcome to the latest array of patterns to brighten up your home and wardrobe! Our New Arrivals section is brimming with fresh designs for chunky knitting and arm knitting aficionados. But that's not all – keep your eyes peeled for the occasional crochet gem and exclusive guest patterns that sneak into the collection.


Whether you're looking to create something quick and satisfying with our chunky knitting patterns or enjoy the tactile pleasure of arm knitting, we have something to spark your imagination. These patterns are perfect for those who love the feel of yarn gliding through their fingers and the joy of watching a project come to life.


So, take a peek at our newest patterns – they're just waiting to be transformed into your next cosy creation. Who knows what delightful projects you'll find? It's all here, ready to inspire and add that special touch to your crafting adventures.

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