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How to Share Your Hand-made Item on Instagram and associate it with Juey Jumbo Craft Tools - we always try to make it super easy for our customers to engage with us. If you are not 100% comfortable with Instagram then just follow these simple guidelines below

@jueyjumbocrafttools #jueyjumbocrafttools (to be seen in our customer feed on here please use #jueyjumboprojects or #jumboliciousmerinoprojects (for any using our luxury wool top)

  • Instagram

Open Instagram:

  • If you haven’t already, download the Instagram app from your device's app store and create an account.

  • Take a Photo or Video:

  • Tap the "+" (plus) icon at the bottom center of the screen.

  • You can either take a new photo/video or choose one from your gallery.

Edit & Filter:

  • After selecting your photo, you can use Instagram’s editing tools and filters to enhance your image if you wish.

Add a Caption:

  • Describe your hand-made item. It's your chance to tell the story behind your creation!

  • Tag jueyjumbocrafttools**.:

    • In the caption or comment, you can tag a profile by using the "@" symbol followed by the username. For example: "Loved making this! @jueyjumbocrafttools".

Use the Specific Hashtag:

  • We recommend using our specific hashtag #jueyjumboprojects**. This way, everyone can see all the fantastic handmade items our community has created! Just type "#jueyjumboprojects" in the caption. Or you could use our hashtag: #jumboliciousmerinoproject if you have created something lovely with our luxury wool top.


  • Tap “Share” to post your image. Now, everyone following you, and anyone browsing the specific hashtag or our business profile (if tagged), can see and appreciate your hand-made item!

**By tagging jueyjumbocrafttools or using the #jueyjumboprojects (or #jumboliciousmerinoprojects), you grant Juey Jumbo Craft Tools  permission to share your image on our website, social media platforms, and other promotional materials. We value and respect your creativity and will always provide credit for your work.**

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