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Edition 4 March 2024
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Knitting Natters

Hello to all our valued virtuosos of the yarn and needle!


As the verdant hues of spring unfurl, we're weaving a new narrative in this month's issue of Knitting Natters. At the forefront of our edition, we're delighted to announce a unique opportunity for hands-on learning in our very own Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. Immerse yourself in the craft of yarn-making, followed by the expressive art of arm knitting. A few coveted spots remain for this workshop on Sunday 14th April (from 1-3pm), so secure your place and join us for some fun moves with yarn! We promise to try not to tie you in knots. Great opportunity to meet with fellow knitters in the area too. Promises to be a fun couple of hours.


With the spirit of collaboration in the spotlight, we are elated to give you a sneak peek at our new Tool bag. Our regular slot on Sewing Street has really kickstarted a great partnership with Sandi Millichip-Massocchi from and we are planning to bring a wealth of shared projects that blend knitting and sewing. It's a testament to the wonders that can be achieved when creative minds and skilled hands come together. 


This month is all about personalisation which we're launching with great enthusiasm. Imagine your very own set of knitting tools, etched with a personal touch, ready to transform your yarn into a masterpiece.


We're also excited to unfurl a new thread in our already established super chunky vegan yarn selection – an acrylic (vegan-friendly) arm knitting option that bursts with an array of delightful colours. It's the perfect match for your arm knitting ventures, offering both vibrancy and a kind choice for our planet and its inhabitants.


Cottagecore continues to blossom as a heartwarming trend, resonating with our love for the simple, the rustic, and the quaint. Embrace this movement with our newest yarns, against the backdrop of daffodils and tulips, and craft pieces that evoke the serenity of the countryside and dip into our new blog on the very topic!


So let's embrace this season with the joy of making new connections, crafting with intention, and enjoying the simple pleasure of watching our creations come to life. We're here to guide you, inspire you, and celebrate every loop along the way.


Here's to a spring brimming with creativity, community, and, of course, fabulous fibres.


With enthusiasm and eager needles.

Juey x

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April Showers you with two of us!

Tune in to Yarn Lane at Sewing Street TV twice this month. Kickstarting with a session on Monday 8th April where we are excited to launch a new range of chunky knitting needles. Then on Monday 22nd April we will be pairing up with Sandi Millichip-Massocchi again to showcase a lovely tool bag stuffed with Jumbo tools. As per usual there will be exclusive offers on the day for our loyal audience.

Hope to see you there!
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Join our first workshop in Holmfirth on Sunday 14th April

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Up close and personal - For All Your Jumbo Tools

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Vegan-Friendly Acrylic Yarn in 12 different colours!

Dive into arm knitting with our super bulky, vegan-friendly acrylic yarn and craft vibrant, cosy creations quickly. Plus, receive a FREE Home Knits Pattern Book worth £10.99 with your purchase. Click for your ethical crafting adventure!

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