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Personalised Gifts

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Need a little motivation?

We have picked for you 8 different inspirational quotes adding a personal touch to you knitting

We’re thrilled to announce a brand-new service that’s as unique as your crafting creations! Now, when you select your favourite Jumbo Tools – from the sturdiest Knitting Needles and the most flexible Crochet Hooks to our reliable Cable Needles and swift Winding Wands – you can make them truly yours.


Personalisation at Your Fingertips: As you pick out the perfect tool for your next project, simply head over to the Checkout. There, you'll find the option to add your personal flair. Whether it’s your name, a special date, or a little message that sparks joy every time you craft, our precision laser engraving will etch it beautifully onto your tool.


Crafted Just for You: Each Juey tool is already crafted with care and precision, designed to provide you with the ultimate crafting experience. With our personalisation service, we’re taking it a step further – making your crafting tools as special and unique as the pieces you create with them.

So go ahead, give your new Juey tools a name, and carry your inspiration with every stitch and loop. It’s not just crafting; it’s a personal journey.

Here are just a few of our fun ideas to get you started.....

Happy Crafting!

  • "Hands Off, These Hooks Are Mine!"

  • "Mum's Magic Needles"

  • "Property of Purl Patrol"

  • "Nana’s Knots Only"

  • "Grandad’s Gear"

  • "Keep Calm & Knit On"

  • "No Snagging My Swag"

  • "This Winder Wanders With Me"

  • "Stitch Your Heart Out"

  • "Make Yarn, Not War"

  • "Loop, Laugh, Love"

  • "Craft a Smile"

  • "Peace, Love, Crochet"

  • "Knit, Purl, Sip, Repeat"

  • "Live Long & Purl"

  • "Yarned & Dangerous"

  • "Wool Whisperer"

Great idea for all the knitters and crocheters in your life as a special gift for special occasions. All of our hand-crafted wooden tools come in a beautiful presentation box. Now also they can truly have your name on them! Might be you just keep it as simple as "Mum, Love Ya!".

Or if you wanted to have a bit of the 'double entendre' as us Brits love then we have had suggestions such as "Mum loves big balls" or "I pick big and chunky every time". We are happy to personalise within the boundaries of what we think are 'good taste'!


How to order

We're offering this fabulous personalising service for our entire range of wooden tools. It's as simple as pie - just pick your favourite tool, and chose from three different font styles. Then just add to your cart.You can add up to 6 words of your choice, so make sure you double-check your spelling and jot it down exactly as you'd like it to shine. Happy personalising!

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