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Edition 1 November 2023

Knitting Natters

Hello Wonderful Crafters,


I'm Julie, but you might know me as Juey, the hands and heart behind those chunky, giant tools you love so much. Today marks a special day for all of us – the launch of our very first digital newsletter! It's something I've always dreamed of doing, and I can't wait to embark on this new journey with you.


Our newsletter isn't just about keeping you updated; it's about creating a vibrant community where we can share, learn, and grow together. Your ideas, feedback, and creativity are the stitches that will help shape this into a fantastic platform for us all.


Each edition will be a treasure trove of what’s buzzing in the knitting and crocheting world. Expect to see regular features on industry events, emerging trends, and insights that will keep your fingers itching to create. We’ll also spotlight some of the most inspiring projects from you, our talented customers, showcasing how you bring yarn to life.


But that's not all. We'll introduce you to our latest Juey projects, and give you the first peek at our newest kits and patterns. It’s all about adding more colour and joy to your crafting journey.


Don't forget to check out our regular blog – a hub for tips, tricks, and tales that will both inform and educate, helping you weave magic into every project.

As the air turns crisp and the days shorter, it's the perfect time to start those 'Winter Warming' projects you've been dreaming about. Let's embrace the colder weather as our creative ally!


We're just setting the scene in this first edition, but I promise there's so much more to come. Stay tuned, stay inspired, and let's make this a beautiful adventure together.


Warm wishes and happy stitches,




Julie (Juey)


Have you caught Julie on the Sewing Street Craft TV channel yet? She's not only snagging her well-deserved 15 minutes of fame, but she's absolutely smashing it! Every episode, Julie dazzles us with her nifty jumbo knitting demos and unveils our latest products. And guess what? There’s always a cheeky special offer too!


We're thrilled to announce a dedicated page where you can watch Julie live and relive her fabulous workshops through videos. 🚀 Coming Soon: A click away to crafty bliss!


Stay tuned for our dedicated page launch. In the meantime, why not take a sneak peek at Julie in action. Trust us, it's not to be missed!

Julie will be on Sewing Street for these forthcoming dates early in 2024: 8th January & 26th February are scheduled so far. 

You will have missed our pre-Christmas show which will have been aired on Monday 28th November. However, we do provide video feedback and this will be available to watch a few days after the show. Julie is showcasing a new pompom wreath for inspiration.


You asked, we listened! 

Great news just in time for Christmas! Inspired by your wonderful suggestions, we've launched some fabulous new product sets. It's your ideas coming to life, ready to add a dash of magic to your festive projects. See what you think! They will make great pressies and stocking fillers for the knitter in your life. Along with our other favourites.








Be part of the Juey Adventure!

We'd love you to take a moment and provide a bit more feedback on what new products or kits you would like to see in our portfolio. Thank you so much in anticipation and 'watch this space'.

What new products would you like to see on our website?

Pleasing our customer is at the heart of everything we do and we really value your opinion to help us build and grow in ways that appeal to you so please take the time to provide your feedback. We have made a few suggestions to kickstart and we have also given you a free text box to make your own suggestions thanks.

What Kits or Sets?
How about Yarn? Click all that apply.

Thanks for your feedback!


Winter Warmers

See if you can find your next cosy project in here! We have lots to chose from. 

We've only gone and started a blog too

Seems like it's a month for firsts! First newsletter and now our first blog. We've called it the Knitting Nook and we aim to bring regular features, articles, ideas and inspirations. The odd anecdote or two and pretty much everything about the world of chunky knitting and beyond. We hope you will pull up a cosy chair, make yourself a great brew and join us. Simply click on the blog below to take you to the full article. You can also subscribe to be the first to know!

My Project!

See what our community have been making!

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Share your hard work and innovation with us by using our special hashtag #jueyjumboprojects on Instagram and we will share with the community!

Not sure how to tag/hashtag? Just click the image for our simple 'how to'.

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