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Edition 3 February 2024
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Knitting Natters

Hello to all our fabulous fibre enthusiasts!


Juey here, buzzing with excitement as we leap into another vibrant edition of Knitting Natters – your monthly dose of all things wonderfully woolly. As the days slowly start to stretch and the first whispers of spring begin to mingle in the air, we're gearing up for an edition that's all about fresh starts, sustainability, and, of course, knitting magic.


First up, a huge shout-out to our knitting community for tuning into our regular slot on Sewing Street. Your enthusiasm makes those workshops a joy to host, and we're tickled pink with the fantastic offers we've been able to bring your way. Let's keep the momentum going and make each session more interactive and fun-filled than the last!

This month, we're shining a spotlight on our winding wands in the spirit of sustainability. With the 'Create & Inspire' section soon to make its debut, we're all about stretching those pennies further and embracing recycling in our yarn adventures. It's the perfect time for a crafty clean-up, encouraging us to dive into our stashes and breathe new life into every last skein.


And speaking of new life, allow me to introduce the star of this edition – the Jumbolicious Junior Merino Wool Yarn. Just in time for the crafting seasons of Easter and Mother's Day, this addition to our yarn family promises to add a splash of joy to your projects. Imagine the delight of gifting a creation spun from such cosy threads!


Excitement is also knitting together as we tease the launch of personalised tools. Picture this: knitting needles or crochet hooks engraved with Mum's, Gran's, or even Dad's name, or perhaps a witty quip like "Stitch in Time Saves Nine". It's a heartfelt way to show love and appreciation for the crafters in your life.


Lastly, keep your eyes peeled for our website's 'Spring Clean'. We're sprucing up our online home with a colourful cast of woolly characters, making your visit not just informative but a whole heap of fun.


So, here's to not quite spring (hope springs eternal) but to the joys of tidying, crafting, and preparing for the sunnier days ahead. Together, let's make this a season of creativity, sustainability, and endless knitting possibilities.


Warm wishes and the happiest of knitting,

Juey x

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Join us at 11am on 26th February

Tune in to Yarn Lane at Sewing Street TV for a day of knitting delights with Juey! Kick things off with a little surprise at 11:00 AM, then join us at 12:00 midday on Monday, 26th February, for an exclusive workshop filled with creativity and inspiration. With Easter and Mother's Day on the horizon, we're gearing up to share something truly special. The noon session will be packed with demonstrations using Juey's tools, showcasing new bundles and an exclusive tool kit designed especially for Yarn Lane. Expect unique project ideas, a fantastic special offer, and a few delightful surprises to enhance your knitting experience this spring. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to elevate your knitting game!

Hope to see you there!
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Meet the Juey Winding Wand: A Nifty Weaver for Your Woolly Bits!

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The New Kid (or make that Lamb) on the block: Jumbolicious Junior

Unveiling our newest treasure, the Jumbolicious Junior – a super chunky merino wool that promises to transform your knitting projects with its luxurious softness and unmatched warmth.


As a special treat, we're thrilled to present a special introductory offer that's simply too good to miss. Whether you're crafting cosy winter wear or decorative home accents, Jumbolicious Junior is your perfect companion for creating with love and luxury. Don't wait, click through to explore the wonders of Jumbolicious Junior and make the most of this exclusive deal!

Create & Inspire: Sustainable Knitting Coming Soon

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