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The Juey Collaborative Corner

Welcome to the Juey Collaborative Corner!

Here at Juey, we're not just about the vibrant splash of colours and the comforting feel of wool between fingers; we're about the bonds formed around the crafting table. This special nook is dedicated to the creative souls and the hands-on businesses that join us in the beautiful tapestry of crafts, sewing, and all things handmade.

We believe in the power of collaboration to spin ordinary threads into extraordinary stories. Just as every stitch contributes to the integrity of a quilt, each of our partners adds a unique pattern to the fabric of what we do. From the local yarn spinners to the artisanal needle-makers, we weave together a community that champions the artistry of the crafts we adore.

Each section on this page introduces you to a cherished member of our crafting circle. You'll find a bit about who they are, the magic they bring to their craft, and how our partnership is more than just a thread, but a strong, lasting bond. Plus, there's a handy link to their site or social space, so you can explore their world and maybe even find a new favourite spot for craft inspiration!

By sharing this space, we're not only showing support for one another; we're creating a web of backlinks that help our collective presence grow stronger and more connected. So, pull up a chair, grab your knitting needles or sewing kit, and join us as we stitch, craft, and create together. Welcome to the family!



Sandi Millichip-Massocchi
SANDI WINGS_edited.jpg

In the cosy nooks of our crafting world, where cherished memories are woven into every thread, Sandi stands out with her tender touch and an eye for keepsakes. At Family Comforts, Sandi’s expertise in designing and crafting memory bears transforms your treasured pieces into huggable history that tells your story.

Our collaboration with Sandi is one we hold dear to our hearts here at Juey. Together, we've seamlessly stitched the homely art of sewing with the rhythmic charm of knitting, creating not just products, but pieces of comfort that resonate with the soul.


Our first venture – a practical tool wrap – marries utility with sentiment. Designed to cradle all our Jumbo Hand-Made Wooden tools, this handy bag/wrap stand as a testament to the craft and thought we put into every creation. And the latest addition to this family, the beautiful Wave Bag, is already making a splash. Launched with love on Sewing Street and Yarn Lane TV, this bag is a melody of function and style, perfect for crafters on the go or for those cosy evenings in.

What makes this collaboration with Sandi so special is the shared vision of creating versatile crafts that are not just easy on the eyes but also embody practicality and passion. Whether it’s for safeguarding your tools or toting your current project, these bags are designed to be your trusty companions.

Join us in celebrating this blend of creativity and convenience, and stay tuned for what’s knitted next in our journey with Sandi and Family Comforts. It’s partnerships like these that make our crafting circle fuller and richer.

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