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Stitching Sunshine: Knitting Our Way Through a Hopeful British Summer

This image features a quaint and charming garden setting, perfect for a relaxing afternoon. At the foreground, a sturdy wooden table accompanied by matching chairs and a rocking chair invites relaxation. Each piece of furniture is adorned with intricately patterned cushions and throws, boasting a variety of vibrant colours and traditional designs. The table is set with a blue teapot and matching cups, suggesting a peaceful tea time. Surrounding the seating area is a lush garden, filled with an array of flowers in full bloom, presenting a palette of bright pinks, purples, whites, and yellows. The overall scene is bathed in sunlight, enhancing the vivid colours and detailed textures of the garden and furnishings.
Summer Knitting Inspiration for your Garden

Summer (when it actually comes) and chunky knitting in the same sentence!! Why not read our take on this in our latest blog!

Happy knitting!


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