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Teddy's Blanket is a very easy beginner kit. Juey designed  it for a very special little man. You too can make one for your special little one.


Snuggly soft luxury merino wool is the reason this kit will always be your go to for any special little men or ladies in your life. Teddy’s Blanket measures approx 70cm x 85cm this can vary slightly due to merino wool being so squishy and soft.


All you need to choose is your colour.


Quick note to non knitters. If you want us to knit it for you please tick request in the drop down box below.

Our turnover is between 14-16 working days (sometime much earlier), we will keep in touch with you via chat or email of the progress. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you wish we are super friendy.


Kit contains:

  • 400 grams of Juey Luxury Merino Wool.
  • 1 pair of Juey Jumbo Accessory 25mm Needles
  • Teddy's Blanket Knitting Pattern
  • Juey Wooden Label/Tag

Teddy's Blanket Knit Kit ideal for beginners


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