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Now this one took me by suprise how much I like Tunisain crochet. A combination of knitting and crochet you use the hook as to crochet but also leave your stitches on the hook as you do to knit. if you fancy a new craft Tunisian Crochet is easy to learn. .

  • Our hook is very long so it can hold lots of stitches.
  • Discover Tunisian crochet it is an easy craft to learn a combination of crochet & knitting. Check out Aniseed bag & Happy blanket patterns.
  • So addictive.
  • Stitch size 25mm.
  • Length 600mm.
  • Handcrafted in Britain.

Jumbo Tunisian Crochet Hook

  • Your tool will get smoother with age due to being handled. Occasionally you may get little nicks to the tool maybe by dropping or catching on things. A light sanding will smooth these out.

    Please treat with kindness our tools are made from living material.

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