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  • Juey, Jumbo accessory needles are exactly that! Just like our best seller jumbo knitting needles but shorter in length especially good for little hands or you just require less stitches (they still hold up to 45 stitches.
  • Great for knitting chunky accessories. 
  • Ideal for knitting hats, scarves, bags, headbands, socks all giant size.
  • Sizes available are 25mm our best seller, 30mm 40mm which are best suited to extremely thick wool top.
  • Why not try making your own extreme knitting yarn using our NEW winding wand to wind multiple yarns together forming one very thick knitting yarn.

Jumbo Kids Knitting Needles Shorter

Finish: natural
  • Your tool will get smoother with age due to being handled. Occasionally you may get little nicks to the tool maybe by dropping or catching on things. A light sanding will smooth these out.

    Please treat with kindness our tools are made from living material.

  •  These are our best selling products

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