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Discover the Art of Arm Knitting with the Jumbolicious Home Knits Pattern Collection

Step into a world of crafting elegance with our Jumbolicious Home Knits Pattern Collection, perfectly aligned with the launch of our luxurious Merino Wool Top Yarn range – Jumbolicious. This 16 page digital booklet is an ideal introduction to the delightful world of arm knitting, an approachable technique even for beginners. The collection features five stunning patterns for home furnishings, including plush cushions and lavish throws, all designed to complement the soft, sumptuous texture of our Jumbolicious Merino Wool Top.


Why the Jumbolicious Home Knits Pattern Collection is a Must-Have:

  • Arm Knitting Technique: Ideal for beginners, arm knitting simplifies the crafting process, allowing for quicker and more engaging project completion, perfectly suited for our chunky Merino wool.

  • Luxurious and Contemporary Designs: Each pattern is crafted to add a touch of sophistication and cosy comfort to your living space, reflecting contemporary style with classic warmth.

  • Comprehensive Guide for Beginners: With detailed, easy-to-follow instructions, even those new to knitting can create beautiful home accessories with ease.

  • Perfect Pairing with Jumbolicious Wool: Specifically tailored for our new Jumbolicious Merino Wool Top Yarn, these patterns bring out the natural beauty and quality of our premium wool.

  • Versatile Home Decor Projects: The collection offers a range of designs, from snuggly throws to elegant cushions, suitable for various home styles and perfect as thoughtful handmade gifts.

  • Sustainable and Eco-Friendly: Our patterns encourage the use of environmentally friendly materials, aligning with modern sustainable living values.

  • Choice of Digital or Print Format: Tailor your crafting experience - also available to purchase as a printed booklet.


Transform Your Home Today! Don't just knit; create with style and luxury. The Jumbolicious Home Knits Pattern Collection, paired with our Jumbolicious Merino Wool Top Yarn, offers an exquisite opportunity to enhance your home decor. Purchase now and embark on a journey of elegant, handcrafted home transformation!

Juey Jumbolicious Home Knits Pattern Collection Digital Version

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