Q: How do I do Basic Tunisian Stitch?

We have found that to actually describe in writing how to Tunisian crochet quite hard to explain, but to use diagrams is a much better way of passing on information. Please click this link for a fantastic tutorial by purl soho https://www.purlsoho.com/create/tunisian-crochet-basics/

Q: Why do you only manufacture 25mm/US50?

A: Juey has found that this size works the best when working with multiple strands of yarn. The first experiment done was with Super Chunky yarn. Only 2 strands are needed to get the correct tension. Although we established our tools in 2003, well before the craze for XXL un-spun, merino wool tops became popular, we find that this size still works well. Tip: If you want a looser & larger stitch we suggest not to struggle with even bigger needles or hooks, but take up Arm knitting, which is fantastic for working with tops. Our great friends at Wool Couture have an excellent video that shows exactly how to knit with your arms. Its great fun, Tip: if you want a break from armknitting, just put your knitting on a belt you are not using, then you wont lose your stitches. https://www.woolcouturecompany.com/how-to-arm-knit/

Q: Why are your needles so long?

A: They are many other jumbo needles on the market but we try to define ours by making them a massive 600mm long. Why? This enables you to make a double to king size blanket all in one piece because they can hold a large amount of stitches. You basically cast on, knit, cast off, Done. Blanket,Throw, Rug finished.

Q: Why not use circular needles?

A: It comes down to preference. Juey, was taught by her Grandma & knits with the right needle held under her arm so long needles are required. In the US knitters seem to prefer circulars however the UK like straights. We simply wanted to offer a choice. Another reason is, using multiple yarns or very thick wool means your holding a lot of weight, so as the yarn is passing along the cord/tube of a circular needle the size of the stitch can vary due to the weight pulling it down. Whereas the straight needle holds the stitches even keeping them all the same size. If you are not an experienced knitter you may find it hard to keep your tension stable & you will end up having uneven size stitches, leaving your finished item with bumpy uneven look.

Q: How do I know how many strands of yarn or wool to use?

A: Hope this helps. merino tops = 1 strand          super chunky = 2 strands          chunky = 4 strands aran = 6 strands                      double knitting = 8 strands        4ply = 10-12 strands      These are approximate amounts, as different companies yarn can vary. But mix & match textures, strands & colours, you will be amazed at what results so can get.

Q: Where can we get merino wool tops?

A: We sell our own merino jumbo wool tops in our JUEY JUMBO WOOL section.

Q: I don't want to DIY can also help?

Yes, If you want to just bring a new ready made cushion, blanket, pouffe or bed-runner into your home.There is our JUEY JUMBO MERINO KNITS section. All hand knitted to order by our lovely team of knitters. Just choose your items and we will lovingly knit or crochet them especially for you.

If you would like anything we have not shown feel free to contact us with your requests.

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