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Knitting Natters

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Edition 5 May 2024

Hello to all our cherished champions of chunky knits and nifty needles!

As the first blush of summer warms the air, we’re threading some exciting tales into this edition of Knitting Natters. At the helm, don’t miss our cosy crafternoon on Sewing Street this Monday, 3rd June, where we'll "Get Cushy" with some delightful throw cushions. It’s sure to be a plush affair!

We’re also unfurling the yarn on something rather special—our brand new Juey Collaborative Corner. Here, we’ll spotlight the splendid folk stitching brilliance into every project, from yarn spinners to pattern pioneers. It's about giving a cheer for the hands that craft with us!

Tickle your fancy with our latest treasures in the kit corner: the Funky Chunky Knitting Needles and our Customisable Herringbone Headband Kit. They’re not just tools; they’re your ticket to creating with panache and a dash of flair!

Peek ahead and you'll spot hints of our soon-to-blossom Trade Members area, ripe with exclusive perks just waiting to be plucked. Plus, we’ve sketched out a few sun-soaked project ideas—if the weather holds up, that is. Ever the optimists, we Brits keep our knitting needles crossed for sunshine! 

So, whip out your wool and ready your needles. We're set for a season of stitches, style, and shared stories. Let’s craft a summer sprinkled with creativity and community, shall we?

As always, it's worth noting that it's normally quite quiet around here in July and August so it gives me a chance to start to work on some great projects for the Autumn/Winter seasons. I'll look forward to sharing with you soon. 

With sunny stitches and a skein of excitement,

As always, love from

Juey xxx

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Get Cushy with Us!

Join us on Monday, 3rd June at midday on Sewing Street TV for a fabulous session on crafting gorgeous throw cushions. It's set to be a fun-filled show with heaps of how-to guidance and exclusive offers just for our viewers. Whether you’re a knitting novice or a purl pro, grab your needles and let’s stitch some charm into your home!

Hope to see you there!

It's who you know!

Welcome to our newly added Juey Collaborative Corner! Here, we celebrate the vibrant community behind our crafts, introducing you to the creative souls who enhance our tapestry of handmade wonders. Kicking off, meet Sandi Millichip-Massocchi from Family Comforts—explore how our partnership weaves together creativity and comfort in crafting. See what fun projects we have already joined forces on!

What's new in?

Introducing our latest vibrant addition to your crafting arsenal: the Funky Chunky Knitting Needles (available in 10mm and 12mm sizes). Not just tools, but a statement of style, these needles feature a distinctive dip in cerise and beautiful blue. Perfect for knitters who love a splash of fun and flair in their projects. Make every stitch stand out! Shop now and add some colour to your knitting!

Spark Up Your Stitches with Funky Chunky Knitting Needles!
Create with Style: Customisable Herringbone Headband Kit!

As seen on Sewing Street TV, our Customisable Herringbone Headband Kit is your gateway to fashion-forward crafting. This all-in-one kit includes luxurious Jumbolicious Junior SC Merino Wool, hand-crafted Juey 12mm knitting needles (the new funky blue ones) and a printed pattern, all beautifully packaged. Perfect for gifting or keeping your ears warm in style. Grab yours in your favourite colour today! Order now and start crafting!

While you are there check out our other 'easy kits' for inspiration!

Ready to Master the Herringbone Stitch?

We've just looped in a nifty little video 'how to' helping you weave the herringbone stitch into your knitting repertoire. Originally crafted to guide you through creating our stylish Herringbone Headband, this stitch is a gem for jazzing up all sorts of projects. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned knitter looking to add a twist to your patterns, this video is for you! Have a quick look and start stitching up a storm with the herringbone today!

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Exciting News for Trade Members!

This early summer, we're launching a dedicated trade members area, packed with special promotions and exclusive discounts just for you. Want to be the first to know? Register your interest today by dropping us a line at Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enjoy unique benefits!

crop summer hero

Summer loving - well almost!

Just wanted to showcase our latest blog (you can click on the link in the Knitting Nook to read) and to let you know we will have some great new knitting project ideas to take you through our wonderful British Summertime. Watch this space for inspiration.

KNITTING NOOK_edited.jpg
My Project!

See what our community have been making!


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