Our Story

Thank you for your interest in our Company. Here is a little history of how we started quite a few years ago.

Together Dad & I established Juey Jumbo Craft Tools in 2003.

The idea came while I was promoting my brand of knitting yarn & kits in the USA.

At a large exhibition in Atlanta I was intrigued with two guys who were knitting with giant needles. Working with multiple strands of yarn held together attached to great big balls of yarn. This idea stuck in my head & I really wanted to give it a go. Their needles were very thick but not were not very long. This I found a little weird but soon came to realise that most needles are shorter over the pond. I struggled to find long single point needles there. I needed them as I knit with my right needle under my arm & a longer needle is required to do this. The guys were making rugs & blankets which were beautiful but having to sew the pieces together to make it large enough.

When I came home to the UK I told Dad & asked him to make me a pair. But I did ask him to make them longer (600mm). I thought if they were longer I could knit a really big rug or blanket all in one piece & not have to sew it together.

He made a pair. I couldn’t wait to try them out. I have collected quite a stash of yarn from previous work. I love anything yarn related. I was amazed how quick knitting a double blanket was & had it finished in 2 hours.

A dear friend who owns a fantastic craft shop offered to stock them if I would teach knitting lessons. I arrived armed with yarn & a dozen pairs of needles big enough to kill a vampire. The class was a great success. We sold all our needles & more were ordered.

Not long after our Website was born. The rest is history.

A couple of months later it became apparent that crochet hooks were needed. These took quite a lot of time to get just right because dad is a perfectionist.  Each hook is made individually by hand & we needed to find a way of getting the head & shank of the hook as smooth as possible. Quite a few were ditched either the hook was to small or the gap was not large enough or too large which made the hook more sustainable to breaking & splintering. Eventually the 25mm crochet hook was born. Next was our cable needle. Being a proficient knitter myself I do like a challenge. I get bored easily just working the knit stitch. I love texture especially cable patterns so of course I needed a cable needle. It just seemed obvious that we produce one. 

A little while later I wanted to produce a basket pattern but it needed to be a closed fabric with quite a sturdy finish. Exactly what you get when you work the basic Tunisian stitch. Again while in the States I learned this skill which is quite popular there. It’s so easy but sadly not as well known in here although it is getting more popular. Tunisain crochet is a combination of knit & crochet, very unlike anything else. If you find knitting a little hard to tackle, then give it a try. You only use one needle so lots of people find it much easier than knitting or regular crochet. Our Tunisain hooks start from only £14.00.

As time has gone on we have perfected our tools. We have even made a secret serum to oil them, this gives them great slip-ability which helps your yarn move up & down so much easier. Our tools really do get better with age due to natural oils in your hands combined with the wood & serum they get smoother every time you use them. We recommend you look after your craft tools & they will last for years. Occasionally a light sanding with fine paper will keep them good as new.

All the wood we use is reclaimed, we like to do our little bit for the environment.

We now supply a number of very well-known Companies & are more than happy to quote for wholesale orders. Also we sell on Amazon & direct to individual customers.

We wish to thank each & every individual customer for trusting in us & feel honoured to supply you.

Thank you so much

 Juey & Jimmy