Our Story

First of all, thank you so much for your interest in our Company.  
Our little company started way back in 2003 we have grown & diversified throughout that time. Always our wonderful customers are at the forefront of our ideas & it is because of their continued loyalty Juey Jumbo Craft Tools was born.
The idea came while promoting our Juey brand of knitting yarns & kits at an exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia., USA. Our stand was situated near to two lovely guys who were knitting with giant needles & just about anything that could be knitted with, from carrier bags, old hessian sacks cut into strips to multiple strands of yarn held together to make great big balls of yarn. It looked so much fun.
After the show I could not stop thinking about it all, I really wanted to give it a go. Their needles were very thick (back then I had not seen anything like them) although they were not very long! This I found a little odd but soon came to realise that most needles are shorter over the pond as they also are in parts of the UK. I personally did struggle to find long single point needles in America myself when I needed a size I had left at home. I need long needles due to knitting with my right needle under my arm. The guys were making rugs & blankets which were beautiful but they did have to sew the pieces together to make a larger size blanket.
When I came home to the UK I told Dad & asked him to make me a pair that were about 600mm in length. I thought if they were longer I could knit a really big rug or blanket all in one go without sewing. Dad made a pair & off i went to try them out. I had lots of spare wool & yarn as I love anything yarn related. 
I cast on 30 massive stitches & started knitting. It was amazing how quick it grew. I had finished a double bed blanket in 2 hours. Its very addictive & you start to wonder what else you can use as yarn.While showing a very good friend who owns a fantastic craft shop & loves anything different she offered to stock the needles in exchange for me teaching knitting class. I arrived armed with yarn & a dozen pairs of needles (big enough to kill a vampire) to a very eager set of ladies & one young man. It was a great success, they all wanted to buy the needles they had used so we sold out & more were ordered.
Not long after that our Website was born along with our new product, jumbo crochet hooks. Well, in-fact they did take quite some time to get just right, dad is quite a perfectionist, as each hook is made individually by hand he wouldn't release them for sale until he had the head & shank of the hook as smooth &correct as possible. Quite a number were ditched, either the hook was too small or the gap was not large enough. Sometimes the gap was too large, that then made the hook more sustainable to breaking & splintering. Anyway eventually the 25mm crochet hook was born just perfect. Next came our cable needle. Being a proficient knitter myself I do like a challenge - getting bored easily working the same stitch. Loving texture especially aran patterns, we of course needed a cable needle. It just seemed obvious that we produce one. 
A little while later while wanting to produce a close weave basket pattern for a bag design with a sturdy finish like 'simple stitch' the basic Tunisian crochet stitch. I needed a Tunisian crochet hook. Tunisian crochet is quite popular in the States I was taught how to do this on one my trips. It’s so easy, but sadly not as well known in the UK. However popularity is growing quite quickly. Tunisian crochet is a combination of knit & crochet very unlike anything else. If you find knitting a little hard to tackle, then give it a try. You only use one needle so lots of people find it much easier than knitting or regular crochet.
As time has gone on we have perfected our tools. Only reclaimed wood is used as we do try to do our little bit for the environment. We have even devised a secret serum to oil them, this gives them great slip-ability helping the yarn move easier. Our tools really do get better with age due to the oils in your hands combined with the serum we treat them with they will get smoother the more you use them. We recommend you look after your craft tools & they will last for many years to come. Occasionally a light sanding with fine sandpaper will keep them looking & feeling as good as new.
We now supply a number of very well-known Companies & are more than happy to quote for wholesale orders. Competitively priced with low minimums, great for little yarn/craft shops. Just click on trade in the menu above for further details.
Thank you again for taking time to read our little blog. I have also added a Q & A section in the menu above that answers a few more questions we get asked regularly.
We wish to thank each & every individual customer for trusting in us & feel honoured to supply you.
Juey & Jimmy RIP - It is with great sadness we share with you Jimmy's passing. Jimmy was the linchpin that held us together, he created so many ways to make our jobs easier & was always the light in the day when sometimes things get too much! Dad was one wonderful human being who suffered so bravely day after day. Jimmy Arnfield (Dad), RIP taken too soon xxx